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Grow Elderberries!

Learn everything you need to know about growing, harvesting, processing & marketing American Elderberries.


2022 Comprehensive Elderberry Conference

Over 14 hours of leading industry knowledge from farmers, scientists, engineers, marketers, and elderberry businesses packed into one resource.


Learn How You Can

Grow Elderberries WATCH AGAIN

Learn to grow American Elderberries from Terry Durham - a successful Elderberry entrepreneur!

Terry Durham has been growing, teaching and sharing the joy of elderberries for over two decades. Terry is owner of River Hills Harvest, an elderberry brand which takes elderberries and turns them into a line of products. Through the River Hills Harvest brand Terry aggregates elderberries from growers across the Midwest. River Hills Harvest products are made from 100% Pure Premium Elderberry Juice. Terry supports local farmers and processors to grow the American elderberry industry. Terry is an educator and often speaks at Mother Earth News Fairs and many other conferences in the U.S.

With American Elderberries You Can

Grow A Profitable Farm

Grow a profitable business growing American Elderberries. Build a business and livelihood around American Elderberry production. Begin yielding considerably within the first few years.

With Regenerative Practices

Increase the biodiversity of your farm, create wildlife habitat, increase beneficial pollinators, slow run-off, build soil and create the health and wealth you have been looking for.

Creating Healthy Communities

Elderberry is a highly medicinal and beneficial plant. When grown locally this plant can bring health to people and the planet.

You can grow a successful farm business!


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