American Elderberries

A native perennial used for centuries to bring food, medicine and tools to humanity. In modern times this plant continues to provide those services, which make it a great crop for farmers to carry on the tradition. With these nutrient dense flowers and berries you can bring health and wealth to your community.

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Over 95% of Elderberry ingredients sold in the U.S. come from overseas

The demand for local foods is growing. We have an opportunity to scale up the production of this native plant. In doing so we will bring wealth to our communities, health to our land and keep this crop and it's benefits in production where it is needed.

The potential of Elderberries is endless...

The beauty of elderberry comes from it's diverse uses and ability to be made into shelf stable products. When you add value to your crops and create a shelf stable product you can sell year round.

Farmers can choose to create these products or sell them directly to River Hills Harvest or other companies looking to make these products. In our courses, not only do we show you how to grow, maintain and harvest American Elderberries, but we also share the secrets to creating a highly profitable business and the endless potential that elderberries have in the market place.

All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Elderberry Business

We believe in the potential of this great crop and have created the training for you to succeed. River Hills Harvest has also been working for the last 20 years to build a brand to help farmers market their products. Watch this video to learn more about River Hills Harvest and their work with American Elderberry.

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This course takes you step by step through establishing and growing American Elderberries on your farm. Don't miss out on the opportunity to transform your life and create health and wealth in your community!


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This course gives you guidance on processing your elderberries. Rules and regulations can be confusing, but with this course you will be equipped as a grower to take your business to the next level.


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Don't start without a plan for your crop, marketing your berries will be the key to your success. We share some of the success stories of growers in the U.S. and our own great elderberry product ideas.


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Growing Elderberries

How do you prepare a field for a new elderberry crop? These free downloadable resources will help support you in growing your elderberry crop.

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Elderberry Plant Health

How do we keep our elderberries happy, healthy, and growing? These resources provide support for you to caring for your elderberry crop in the best way possible.

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Elderberry Production

Are your elderberry bushes starting to produce? Strengthen your understanding of elderberry production with these free downloadable resources.

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Financial Planning

How do you ensure you build a long lasting farm business? This collection of resources has been specially curated to assist in planning your farms financial future.

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Post-Harvest Information

What do you do after harvesting your elderberries? These resources provide insight into the post-harvest process of growing elderberries.

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Elderberry In the News

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From the University of Missouri, College of Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources Department