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The 2022 elderberry conference was insightful, energizing and full of great information. Register for the virtual replay and get up to date on the latest research and engineering from some of the nations top agriculture programs and leading industry experts for just $97.


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This two day comprehensive conference is the most in depth resource we have ever released. If you're looking for knowledge outside of just how to grow elderberries, this conference is packed with all the extra goodies that will save you time and money on your journey to building a profitable elderberry business.

Receive insights from leading industry professionals.

The conference is packed with questions and answers to help cover a wide range of topics and ideas. Experts deliver in depth insights gathered from decades of experience in growing elderberries and professionally cultivating regenerative agriculture.

2022 Comprehensive Elderberry Conference


  • Information from leading experts.
  • Updates from top collegiate programs.
  • Multiple Q&A panels.
  • Do's and Don'ts of pest and disease management.
  • Testimonials from growers just like you around the country. 

Learn to Grow Elderberries 3 Course Package



Learn directly from Terry Durham 

  • How to grow American Elderberries.
  • How to process your elderberry crop.
  • How to succesfully market your yields for consistent cash flows year over year.
  • First to know course updates.

Learn about the science and engineering behind crop production and the technology that drives our industry forward.

Students and professors work every day to solve problems in the farming industry. In this conference you will learn about new technologies that are simplifying the elderberry processing pipeline making it more cost effective while taking less time to complete. 

Build a prominent brand in the elderberry business with marketing lessons taught by successful industry professionals.

Of all the possibilities available for elderberry products, none of them can reach an audience without quality packaging and good marketing solution behind them. Learn how to go from raw product to consumer goods with seminars from brand experts who have succeeded in various market demographics across the country. 


Join the hundreds of others who have already enjoyed this in depth conference and connect with growers and researchers alike in the comment section so you always have a trusted resource for moving your business forward.

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